🖥️ Experience

Aviation Systems Embedded Software Engineer @ Dynetics/Leidos

Jan 2024–Present

Data Scientist @ Cleveland Guardians

May–Dec 2023

  • Built an OpenCV pipeline to track baseball orientation in video using quaternion dynamics
  • Developed and deployed machine learning projects in Python/SQL to assess player performance

Research Assistant @ AISM Lab, University of Kentucky

Aug 2020–May 2021; Aug 2021–May 2022; Aug 2022–May 2023

  • Developed an MQTT bridge to vibration data acquisition unit used in experiments
  • Refined broad research goals without clear direction into concrete projects with publishable results
  • Published 5 first-author journal articles and 5 first-author conference papers
  • Mentored peers in software development and research skills

Pathways Intern @ NASA Johnson Space Center

May–Aug 2017; Feb–Jul 2019; May–Jul 2020; May–Jul 2021; May–Jul 2022;

  • Wrote unit tests + refactored C flight software for loopback testing of VxWorks flight computer
  • Built a GUI (now open source) for integration testing of Orion Backup Flight Software
  • Worked with C codebases using NASA’s Core Flight Software framework
  • Implemented script commands for a C++ automated procedure executive

Teaching Assistant @ University of Kentucky

Aug 2019–May 2020

  • Worked with students in a 500-level real-time systems course, 200-level embedded systems course, and 400-level signals and systems lab course

Software Development Intern @ Wycliffe Associates

June–Dec 2018

  • Participated in code reviews and learned Clean Architecture and unit testing principles

Research Intern @ Air Force Institute of Technology

May-Aug 2016

  • Implemented quantum entanglement simulations in C++ discrete event modeling framework

Research Intern @ University of North Dakota

May-Aug 2015

  • Coded simulations and published paper for an intelligent attitude control system for SmallSat project

🎓 Education

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering @ University of Kentucky

Aug 2019–May 2023

  • GPA: 4.0/4.0

B.S., Computer Engineering @ Liberty University

Aug 2014–May 2018

  • GPA: 4.0/4.0, Summa Cum Laude, Honors
  • Mathematics Minor